Saturday, September 12, 2015

mercury retrograde and Saturn is moving on

It is about time too. It has been almost four years since Scorpionic individuals took this mission, this task, this lonely rejection of the status quo and ultimately this unique rush to rise above the ashes, the rubble, the lies you told yourself so you can cover up the secrets...
What do I know?
Listen, like my friend says, it works on an atomic level. My knowledge does! lol

Mercury wretched grade is what we should call it.  Do not worry about it so much is my conclusion! It is a magnetic force that alters our gravity a little and we get all, what? I mean crying is okay, isn't it?
Cry for your old bitter relatives who do nothing but complain. Cry for your female lovies who endure more than what is on paper. cry for the sake of a child who is an innocent and yet so easily forgotten..cry for the Mormons who have to wear special underwear because that is what their deity likes, (true) cry because you care and then still, do your duty.
Be saved or unsaved..but at least die doing something rare and good..just not not die today.LOL
We have to bathe in good aromas..
Today I used The Old Whore as soap and the new Chypre I have constructed..I always go back the that formula and hopefully each time I tweak it a little more to what I want.
I hadn't realized before how much labdanum you actually need to make her so so good! Distilled lime hints of incense and vanilla notes, edgy and velvety smooth..mmmmmmm

Memories are good and they still sting a little..but we must put aside the bad days, the wrong marriages to wrong people and... live our life today..making good thoughtful choices today..always doing what is best..not just what you convince yourself is good.

Who am I preacher?
Yea, I preach the good word of glorious fats on my skin and grapes in my mouth to  be enjoyed while I listen to a soft voice reading poetry....memories..yea!!

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