Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Libra oh Libra

Happy Birthday..another year older and less likely to regret
any past action as punishment required
or guilt acquired from mean mean sorts of folks who in their militant ways tried to coax..

You've taken a step back and realized the wrongs which have been colored right by liars and handy reckless scavengers of feelings who thought your kindness was weakness..

For you, the polarity has always been easy
until someone comes along and shatters your kindness by trying to grip you but tight
You know how that works for an animal (all other astrological archetypes)
Libra, you are not an animal or a human, (scales of  justice, sword of truth, balance hard work, art) (swords are ideas)
something more like a rock star in a hidden realm of our consciousness..
They are attracted to your  happy light reflecting brightly
They are longing for more words to flow between you
they linger on thoughts longer because of you
you say things
say all sorts of things..
some, they cower in fear at what you say
"Oh, don't say that?"
"why fucking not?
Say anything, just do not be vulgar and use insults as bridge..a little dirty, but never vulgar..
Libra, wow! You look elegant, always serine when you walk..
Knowing deep in your mind and heart, that you do not need to be right, that is more vulgar than anything.. You can  present the truth in ways yet unheard by the ones who will yearn hear you, yearn for your ideas, like a lover in his peak of desire, like a magic spell woven by a master.

happy birthday libras


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