Friday, September 18, 2015

thinning and culling

I am cleaning up the shop.
 eleneetha aromatics
It is time to get ready, clean up and organize. Mercury retrograde always makes me want to tighten my line.   How can I? Oils change constantly on their availability and quality.

I have been kind of looking at what others are doing and some prices they charge for their perfume blends and I have to say that is not enough product for the amount of "perfume" they sell.
Maybe I think too much about price and how much is something worth?
It is worth as much as people are willing to pay for it!
In the end and no matter how organic an oil is, it cannot cost nearly that.
I understand the concept.
In business you take the cost times three to get a profit after all is said and done. In that sense we are talking about big money investing and saving from the get go.
As  artisans, we do not have hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a proper deal in ingredients so that our profits can be super high...
We must take less of a profit in order to sell our wares.
I am not complaining, I charge way less for some things and try to make up for it with other things. When you give me 5 mls of oils, dude, I will use that is like two days!
I need more than most folks even. As I have skin which needs anointing but good!

Practicality and nice oils do not always go together.
I think one can make it work. One must always be willing to change formulas and always willing to explore new designs. I would like to change my logo as is about that time.

For now I must plan wisely and not jump the gun, like Andrea when she shot Daryl!..Of course the reality is, that, I will keep my favorites and continue to explore new blends in both soap and body perfumed oils!
My life, my interests, my creativity and my mind..all good!
 I hope you are well and happy as you read this and do not allow mood vampires in your world. All  they love to do is whine and complain about others whilst simply trudging along with their sad lonely incompetent lives..
Am I too harsh?
Hey. I am a momma and we say things.

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