Thursday, September 24, 2015

Jupiter in Virgo and the concept of the concept

If the planets have mythical meaning then the moons at Uranus would be British royalty. I think one of them is named George..mhooahhhh
But no, my mythology, my brain. I  will quietly observe the contrast between Jupiter and Saturn. There will be a slight edge for sure.
It'll be logic and truth, oh yea and we can not pretend to know anything, only live each day as if it were your last..surviving and being kind to a point.
In retail we learn that the hard way..and we survive. (he he, you can turn anything in to a zombie scenario) by always being kind and professional.
I feel like it is all really real and super exciting. To have Jup in the health sector is real too! real to me. Why, I can't tell you how many people are on my ass about the baguettes. Cauliflower rice! seriously? Just eat the rice or eat the cauliflower..I like it sometimes, with lemon, I suppose!

My mother has given me some really freshly pressed olive oil from some friends of her's in Greece. She also gave me the olives from which it was pressed. They are super oily like really really oily because small town stone ground olives are hard to work with. They are crisp and pop right off of the pit.
I think we should have a face wash with the oil. I might just melt some soap with whiskey and try to get some glycerin  and then add the olive oil. Like a nice liquid soap..
It is beautiful and I will eat some it is just that you cannot waste a perfect oil like this on just food.
Speaking of soap..
I made the fougere'!
I made it good and rich and dense and sweet and crisp and bitter and mossy and  hay and tobacco and patchouli..

I meant to sort of drizzle and swirl a little of the syrupy perfume base over the soap bars, but there was no time. It went in  gel phase very quickly! I just let it soak in and bake itself in each deep groove.
Like an ancient language..scent radiates around her now.. but this is, day one..
know that all that dark material is patchouli and oakmoss and vanilla and labdanum , vetiver a little bit lime..and essence of birch tar..a drop of a drop....
fougere autumn 2015
Fougere, Autumn 2015
Earthy goodness
masculine feminine
mossy good

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