Thursday, September 17, 2015

could Trump win as president and why I like Carson and Saturn in Sag higher learning

Carson is a thinker..I like that. Someone who listens and basically dissects things to sort them out again. that is a smart man there..problem. He has more melanin and that makes for dumb ass race issues.  But I think he is awesome because he won't be moved too much by that either. I hope..I mean Christi is getting all emotional like "oh, after 911 every one was scared and we had to go there and kill a bunch of people"
Carson is like.."take their money away and they will come crawling back with Bin Laden in your hands."
or something like guys know I do not quote things exactly..unless it is something I had to..

blah blah blah
and they blather on all of them. In fact I do not know why a really smart person would mix with any of them..I guess some one has to.

I suppose bomb factories need to make money too! putas, humans, blowing each other up fir their gods still..yes they do and we all know it!
I told that boy at work who insulted my intelligence the other day that his insinuation that only an idiot would believe in evolution! "Listen, for some one who professes to know god's love so much, your joke is insidious"
 It is insidious and very un god like to ridicule others over this real evidence, dilly are you afraid of, your grand pa god won't save you from his own wrath?"
I am done with all of it some days..
I mean do not worry, I do not just sit on the computer and rant about life in the out there world..I sometimes read the news on all the web sites and feel like why are we so dumb and herd along like the zombies on walking dead.
I do not and  one very nice difference between a scientist like Ben Carter, they are not as manipulative as a politician..for sure! You see intellect choosing new options not to just make war.
As far as evolution goes..dude we not just sprayed here 2 million years ago which is nothing just like that..there is real evidence we grow from the Earth..she is our billions of year old or do not accept that you came from a frog or lizard, but your kin are all still evolving all over earth..when the future humans look at the human migration (year of the sheep 2015) in to Europe from their fucking sucky dick countries, they will note and we should note, how humans have traveled to better places throughout our evolution and stay on earth..moved on to better lands..better grass..

I digress..

Mercury Retrograde
my heart rate is up
my minds banner held high
I will not be a follower of wrong doers
I will strive for riches beyond even my dreams
no not like a trump
like a cool bitch
who has nice dresses and makes good food
who is a feminist and an male-ist a "femimalist"
who realized long ago what is right
that we should love all kinds
and offer hope
a smile
a nice word
asking for more as the infinite says always "yes"
love what you have now
ask for the chores to be done
ask for the jewels that you love and want
ask for the best soap you'll ever want to use
making a memory making a mood
which revives your hearts mind
which repels the unkind
which radiates hope and reality
mixed together
each thought
like ice so hot or blue fire
it sears itself in to a chemical brew easily
making sparks of energy fly

we should all fly as we evolve..:)

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