Saturday, September 19, 2015

I am making patchouli soap and notes on that

I love patchouli. You love patchouli. It is underlying layer of my beginning to aromatherapy and all its glory.Today I am making patchouli soap. It will be so clean and so big minded and we will have enough..
Oh, yes, it is good enough, and never enough! You know this my sugar plums!

Is there anything better than oils? (yes, loads of cash to buy more!)Good oils. Ones which transform your mind somehow, make you think juicy things? Like where did this flower grow to have this intense aroma? Why does it make my mouth water? Juicy things, like creating  your own scent.Maybe a juicy love right next to you? People really like that.
Lovers are important. We are made to hook up and feel loved by other humans..right from the get go,
Good and smelly ones is what I  would want.  Loves, that you. I feel like I love you. We are connected somehow and we've exchanged energy. My soap, to your hands and all over your bodies..
Pan sexual Vibrations?
Rawerrrraahlol...I am kidding and I hope you do not think me too vulgar.:) I am a cave woman at heart.
And smart and funny and a singer of songs and dancer of dance moves and dallyer of time in the fields of fragrant  flowers..mmmm in my mind.
In Greece we would go to the mountains and sit down by the stream and eat cheese and bread and and grapes, we would  lie there enjoying our day in wonderment of how simple and pure joy it felt like. To dally away a summer afternoon with cool breezes stroking our hair and faces..mmmm
The water so clean in the stream, that is one thing I remember.
It was usually a break in the foraging for the women and the men were somewhere working too. and everyone came to rest and eat before wrapping up the days hard labor.
One of my cousins came one day on a stallion. I could smell that horse. the leather on my grown up cousin's  boots and the mossy stream  near by. This aroma still has me haunted. The smell of the mountains drying minerals on their faces flickering in the sunlight. The birch trees near by, and musky smell of men having worked up a sweat and the testosterone and all that silent  attracting stuff we do not think about.

making ..oh yea..making it, la la la hey yo hey yo, la la la

Super fine patchouli soap..

og coconut oil
cold pressed olive oil
one pound shea butter
a little bit cacao fat og and raw
good clean water
patchouli  (aged and smooth as silk)


Fougere Fall 2015

lavender mailette
clay sage
geranium bourbon
one drop tonka
orange blossom
one drop ylang ylang

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