Friday, September 11, 2015

making things for the festivus

I most likely spelled "festivus" wrong, but, allow me to make scrumptious things for your bath times and I will be contented with that.

I have been planning and doing and now with Mercury Retrograde, why not take this energy a step further and use it as my broom so to speak ..the thing that carries me where ever I want to it metaphysical? Yes, I always ask the questions about what we are..what are we??
Only in that there is so much more to know., my friends..never think you done knowing and changing. Otherwise you end up a mess and in a hateful sense.
When Mercury goes retrograde, following on Venus retrograde and Saturn in its final minutes in Scorpio..yes, yes.. things get rumbled up and rise up right out of the past like a sprite rises up to our ionosphere and then sprinkles most of itself in fine light particles back down to earth. How delightful that must be in a cosmic sense!
(sprites are lightening that is so powerful, it goes upwards in space and in slow motion you see they break up and fall back down to earth..))
  Some people might think I have lost my spirituality and gone to the world of science and too much real things!
But that is just it! It is more miraculous to me than anything I have encountered in my, atoms and what we are is just way too spiritual, really! 
I want to be in touch with every vibration
every sweet thought of excellence to be so powerful as to shoot up in space and sprinkle happiness to all, good health to all and wealth to all..(om)!
People say they love my soap because it feels magical in a sense..I hope that each time I say words to your box, that it reaches you in your most softest and loving glad hearts..I do..It is like food soapmaking, is!
You make a plate that is so good that people close their eyes and think things.."mmmmmmmmmm"
With food, you will notice who shows up to eat..
with soap, it is cyclical.  We re-do everything in soap making. It is like that with oils. For a while there, I had some of the best rose oils I have ever had and the Madagascar vetiver I got the one and only time, just blew me right away..I wish I had more of that goodness!
Yesterday i had the pleasure of working with helix method coconut oil and raw cacao. Helix method is interesting because they allow a bit of fermentation on the fresh coconut and then cold press.

It smells divine so I melted it with raw cacao butter good just like that. In soap, I feel  it will add a fresher more fruity coconut body lotion, it'll be scrumptious!
In fact, I love it so much, I will add it to the next batch of shea cacao vanilla butter!

I hope you have a wonderful day and think about 
 the picture as if you are looking at it from a mountain on Pluto!

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