Sunday, September 6, 2015

Black Hearted Bitch in Borneo

Why Black Hearted Bitch?
Why Borneo?

We should think about why not! One needs to languish after a hard days night!

Why, Black Hearted Bitch?  It is better to always say less and observe.

Maybe then you wouldn't opened your heart to cowardly jackals and evil does who made you their bitch, their reason for their own badness and made you wonder if you are worthy.
You are worthy.
You are here and reading this so, you are worthy!
More than you thought too!

I honor the thick face.
I honor the black heart which chooses wisdom over adornments (lovers) on their genitalia.
I honor the master magician who gets money and food out of nowhere..where is nowhere?
Nowhere is where you are going  if you do not have a meaningful purpose.
Intent is the key and your intentions must be clear especially as Saturn finishes its last few minutes in this space..I feel like it effects the way we age and think about our boundaries.

Black Hearted Bitch in Borneo is about these ideas.
It is not that she lacks compassion, it is that in her life there are also fine points to be attended to and meaningful living to be done. As Rick had to pass on the guy who was being attacked by zombies because they could not use their energy to save him as it will make them weak and then everyone dies! (Walking Dead). Men can be Black Hearted..of course they can!

(((I chose an animalistic fougere base for this oil. It is an oil because in Fall and Winter, I like to put oils on me skin.:)
Organic jojoba, patchouli, tobacco, vanilla, sandalwood, ambergris, petitgrain, tangerine, rose, benzoin, cognac, a drop cacao, ...)))

Lets us attend to her black to higher thinking
om to words that are true
om to your goddess who is always composed
she radiates power
let it cloak from psychic dangers let her go so deep as not to be fathomed
by  her own minds direction
let her erupt at just the right moment
let her be quiet and always observe
let her ask all the right questions and even the bad ones
do not act like you do not know they are there
you are there and they are with you
cherished and stroked having collected themselves in what you are now
You Black Hearted Bitch  of a goddess
you wondrous creature  of love newly defined forms
your creativity spreads like a painted dessert after a long dry dusty fire burned away all the oldness and brought you to a higher realization of what is..
You are Mine:)

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