Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tuesday Afternoon

The day is full and clear on what needs done. Mystic says it is still this week for planning and next week for full on energy and being amazing at what you do.
What do you do?
I guess that is up to you and what you have been nurturing.

For myself, I am already planning the yule specials this year. Mostly because I am glad about me this year as I am aging gracefully and always willing to listen to reason. If you tell me that wheat is bad every time I mention a sandwich, I will not do what you want. A life without baguettes? No, please, not that..I will cut down.

I have ideas that we will get  our juices flowing, which are trending at my shop and also in the world of scents and nature.
Any of you regretting having the sexy summer soap? No, I hope because that one is perfume all day. As it has aged, it has qualities I never knew would form. ( this is why, one must be open for surprise openings in our daily lives))
I must have be high when I added all that secret resin what ever in it.
Chocolate and frankincense? I do not know, the oils do what they want to do in my hands..
speaking of which, Did you know that enzymes are proteins? And, that they are kind of the reason for all types of ancient life forms..
alive not alive?
Life form parasites and bacteria..evolving oh so slow ..in long universe vast spaces kind of time.
They communicate to attract each other by the energy the enzymes absorb..this activity is like a beacon to its own kind..almost in the way we make hormones..
(to me it shows on a primitive level, how humans also attract one another)
Think about what it means to be real..to me it is marvelous!

((I know that it is this for me; I attract the best most luscious and free customers and I am so glad about that)

I thought I would make 6 sets and offer them in such a way  that  we can all have something really good without too much money spent.
They will be $25 or $40 as  I  haven't measured the cost quite yet.

1, Coco Loco Set includes one butter cream of cacao butter and Helix system coconut oil..organic..vanilla co2, cacao absolute and baby you are so freeking happy..simple and very good..
one cacao butter vanilla soap and one spray of sexy summer refresher..

2, The Old Whore Set
one bodacious ow cream
one big and heavenly bar of her bad ass-ness
one ow delectable spray refresher

3, Lemon Balm Honey Set
This is a soap bar with beeswax, honey and true melissa, may chang and orange blossom.
Comes with a lemon balm soothing balm and rose hip oil serum with tamanu and lavender mailette

4, Neem salty soap with eucalyptus and frankincense
This comes with a neem butter cream and witch hazel toner with frankincense and lavender

5, Black Bitch in Borneo
one black bitch soap
one BB shea cream
one BB body refresher

6, to be conjured later....

I love making soap and some of you who have been buying from me for years have made me so happy that we can share in this experience and understand this very amazing art form.
It is a clear example of how evolution works..look at a bar of soap, smell it now, smell it is two weeks and bammmm,new, different, richer, deeper, always changing..

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