Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mercury retrograde soap exploding with what it takes to be good and happy with everything I have everything thou art everything..

Lilith Rising is about cocoa butter fat and patchouli and how it is just perfect with ylang ylang and carries her power, her wondrous ways. There is sandalwood here in this blend but if you want more sandalwood, you'll have to go for the oil on the menu. (Lilith in me)  there is a nice time for ylang ylang. It is tropical floral. It is yummy skin care and makes you and me happy.

This is ylang ylang with velvety distilled lime and patchouli rose sandalwood and many more outrageous nuances.like what Lilith means to you. is she frightening with that snake? I say, "yes"!
Think always about what is next, do not say too much, think and observe. Be in control of your self and your belongings. Give what it takes to make it better for your next adventure. do not sit and cry about the past. Do plan ahead and always clean up. A messy mind and messy house makes for too far gone attitudes..
Is she wisdom?
She was driven away from stories. But, she is about coming back strong and coming back more detached. her powers of transformation may be wondrous or destroy men's conceptions of what women should be..
I am afraid of her a little bit. But not enough to ignore where she dwells in my mind and when it is time for her to rise out of my minds eye and I realize I am her..I am everything and always have been everything...oohh ohhh
baby  bay baby baby, ohhhh... I am who I need to be and want to be and you are too.

back to soap....I still haven't  finished the fogere'
It is going to be so friking good! I slept with a drop on my arm and my bed is like a fern hollow!

Cucumber sorrel with mint ..sorrel is high in minerals and vitamins. it tastes like green grass and lemons..in soap, it is bright and refreshing.

super fine patchouli with a little chypre glaze

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