Saturday, September 5, 2015


It is a big deal to women I guess. I have a ton, so I get it all day.
"wow, look at all that hair hair, what do you take?"
Nothing really..
I am not about to swallow 20 vitamins, but I do pop clorella and sea buck thorn oil or a gummy C once in a while.
I will take a protein drink but it seems to me an egg has about 7 grams of protein perfectly broken up so as to digest itself.. and if you eat two, you'll get all the natural biotin from the yolk, not to mention the lecithin which is the highest quality and comes from the yolk. If you are hungry  later, it does not hurt you to take a protein drink if that is what keeps you full and happy..

"It takes more than a protein drink to be full and happy."
"that is what she said!"

Some women that come to me are so over dieted and dried out, what do expect when they do nothing but take diuretics for years and years and laxatives and then the botox and high heels, while all the while, their lives are filled with appointments for hair and nails and the shoes and the pants and the carry out because "who has time to cook?'
"who has time to have a real life?', would be my question!

I am using Laffe Herbal Rain shampoo. It is basically marketed for African American (whatever that means). It does smell soapy a little but, hey, I like it and their conditioner is super nice. There is a clean fluff to your hair even it is dry.
Ever since I stopped using sodium laurel sulfate it is not the same with shampoos.
I have gotten used to not having sulfates on my hair for sure! And don't give me any bar soap shampoo..if I want dread locks, I will go to Jamaica, lol!

Hair is mostly protein and the way your body processes proteins will make for the strength and energy carried to skin nails and hair..
Can you believe that our skin and hair are made of similar components like silica and calcium, magnesium, iron...??

Oh, the sea buck thorn? Omega has a lot to do with protecting the thin tissue on the mucus membrane of your stomach..this where the nutrients from food enter the blood stream as the enzyme receptors in our cell wait with mouths open to receive the goods. I love the glow on my skin with sea buck thorn oil. You can try it and see if you like its effects.
By the way, you can eat all the kale and spinach smoothies and go raw but if you drop acid on the weekend, then it is not would need to weigh out the cost and how it robs you of life giving forces.

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