Monday, September 28, 2015

Saturn has entered in the area of knowledge learning logic and being alone

Alone and not the like Hermit (Tarot) who sits in a cave and allows the world to develop without him. Alone in a sense that knowing one's most inner mind and knowing what is right.
I think Saturn can be pampas and arrogant and try to convey exclusivity and manipulates, perhaps with an iron fist.
Do you know someone who is like that, kind of sneaky and perhaps says one thing and does another thing? (Oh :))like every TV evangelist who practices witchcraft and then condemns anyone else who does.)
Saturn is bones and if you have any Sagittarian tendencies, I would definitely say, bones, teeth(again), and basically invisible structures which must change for the better will be definitely noted in our lives.

***If you thought science is wrong about what ever some might want it to be wrong like how old the earth is, you'll see new sciences spring out of the darkness and we'll see more about our Universe. I also say it is time for a brain pace maker and epilepsy to be is so cool, science!

We have only seen glimpses and understood way less about way more and more..:)

For me, as this phase brings me in closer to me and what I want.
 I will present some very different work will will reflect my age and expansive experiences.
Expansive, even though they feel like being pulled inwards.
Bones teeth, knees, elbows..going forward hurts us..

**also if you think about the weight of particles and that each one has a weight, our atmosphere has more carbon now than ever before..this may make us feel heavier too.
Or..maybe I am too sensitive.
It is Saturn, babies..don't worry, do your job.

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