Thursday, September 3, 2015

Do I know Lilith

Not really!

There are rumors that in the old old books, god made Lilith first and then when they re wrote stuff in Roman times, they kept her out in all the modern books and we do not know how  many books of Lilith there may have been because, I do not know if you recall this but, Alexander The Great and his men burned a very important Library..They were not bitches??
She was made before Eve. Lilith was cast out because she refused to submit to Adam so Eve came along and snuck around because that is always better. We cannot be ourselves with Adam because he wants, quiet, demure, not bitchy..not ever bitchy..Yes, Eve was sneaky. How do you think she made friends with the snake?

A common comment I heard in my village as a child, was, "woman, be quiet,m you know nothing of politics or the ecumenical council"
They would all (the women in the house..there were many), look at each other and squint or make a gesture that the men were the dumb ones..and they would stay quiet.. so it goes today. To a point with Greek women. My mother will only take so much and then all beware for the Kraken  emerges!

We make up names for women who are said to be difficult and bitchy..some are, I know some men who control empires who are total closed off dicks..or too wide open as to manipulate like politicians do every day..look at Trump..for goddess sake, that guy can incite a riot about stupid things like if someone is gay or likes sex in the ass, which maybe he, himself does. Christians have asses too! And I know I rail on them a lot but some thing is not right in heaven my friends..
On earth as it is in heaven  sounds bad to me.
I am all like, How does the guys sex life  have anything to do with, "if he loves god with all his heart"?
Or if he is brown skinned, God does not love them enough..they are not as moral! It is this platform on which we  see  dead babies in the water because of some very bad people hating on weak and poor women and children..who are scared for their real life and not eternal salvation and more concerned with safety..

But I digress? No, I do not digress..I continue and say more Lilith type ideas because enough with this, "Hilary is an ...bla...and ...bla..
She shows  up, doesn't she? (I would vote for Bernie..yes, I like Bernie!)
I do not know Hilary either. maybe she is a bitch.
I am sometimes.
I remember when I had to walk miles and miles in costa rica just to get to a town so I could take the bus to another town to make a few bucks for a day..that sucked and was grand in so many ways..but mostly, it was hard work to support the monkey reserve and feed the mediators while I stayed quiet and serine..not all days, I can tell you that..
I'd finally walk up the final big hill..there were four each way, and I would hear, "oh, glad you are here, we only ate twice today"
I love long before I said something then?
(if you know me, then you know, it was not long and way too  long in coming()))

I do not know Lilith in person just as I do not know, Shiva, or Durga or Jesus or Paul or Mohamed in person. I am told it is  God's love I should crave and all will be well if I just love him..Course Durga has many arms so I can see where as a powerful woman she had to have projects all over the place like most witches!
If god is energy in me then yes, I love him..If Lilith is the other side of me, I love her too..she already mine, what is not to love about that?

Oh, and I love you and I hope you have a great thoughtful day and stop looking at dicks and asses ()))) on the is not healthy..and wastes a whole lot of your precious time..
ladies, when you begin by showing body parts, it is like saying you are playing and have this with many..and no higher intentions than this.
A real mate wants to see you and do things with you and love your mind and your body..everything has energy and makes for a platform in which the "friendship" is raised.
Just sayin''


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