Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mercury retrograde notes and happenings

I am excited because I can be outside most of today and enjoy what is left of this awesome summer.
It is time to clean up and take care so that we are all ready for the winter months.
The next six weeks or so will be the last touches we have put to our last year and the comfort we have created for ourselves during the cold months.

Mid September and Mercury retrograde following a rugged Venus retrograde where we got our shit together and refused to be door mats for our lovers!
Some of us need to have them ripped away from us we get so attached..sheesh..better to rip it off then allow it to fester and make you fat brained, where all you do is worry and wallow in self pity. That there is a human flaw god could have fixed right from the get go.

Mercury retrograde..people get scared. I understand. it all sucks having to come up with not only documents but money and not for (in my case) sandalwood..I love it! The one from Eden, it is just so nice..
Interesting about planets when they slow down, we get shaken up and or we scheme big.
These are the times I dream up ways to make things or even on a grander scale, to have a store front where there is foot traffic. My sweet soap shop and  with forest fairies and secret witchy things..:)good coffee, really good conversations and aromatherapy from nature..ahhh

My Mercury retrograde song...

I want it I want it I want..year after year, I want la la
sing it with me babies..
I want that I have that, la la la la la
shake that bootie mommas..

Now we wait, we gather, we sort and we fix broken ideas or toss them to the wind..who needs unrealistic goals? 
I must point out.                                                                                                                                     Everything is real, each thought each memory lights up a new circuit. It is so amazing!

Do what is correct now and you will not have to remember what you other words, people lie and the they cover up and they sneak around and say bad things..I call that time wasting.
Ideas come from inside your mind. Your behaviors and the things you do ..that is all you!         
That is a concept which we must arrange as true.
It is spiritual when you think of one's intentions and how they present them to you or me.
 Are they clean? Are they insidious in nature?                               
 I wonder sometimes..
Like, "hey, that was an insult!"

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