Wednesday, September 9, 2015

being gay today

I do not care about Caitlin Jenner at all. It isn't because she is a woman now, it is just that I don't care about any middle aged [person dressing like a classy businesswoman or Las Vegas (aging) whore.
It is a thing some gay boys be glammed up and pretty. I do not care for it on any female.
I don't care much about that, I went to Vegas for about ten minutes and it was hot and I said, "no, this is not the place for me!"
We had to leave the my gut said, "just no"

I do not think we, as women of open mind, should  allow Mike Huckabee to say dumb things like, "god intervened"It is to secretly laugh, if  we were among one of his tribe..secretly because you cannot say too much to a believer..they get pissed..
How pampas that he thinks he know what a divine creator would be like!
(back to Joan of Ark's ultimate question, "do you believe you are under the grace of god?"))
Say, "yes", and you are too confident, say "no", then, you admit to being bad..

You certainly do not need to defend him Miss Kim's fat ass jumper wearing nasal sounding ass! (sorry, I had to)
**also if you agree with Kim, you must be boiling mad right now.                                                         Every citizen must be given proper documents!, so no, you are not doing your job."
All of her supporters  look silly to me.
They want to keep women, babies  or men who want to be married to someone they love, down by pretending to defend their god and then holding hate signs up about how bad people are who are not them.
Also I might add, he seems to intervene in all the small stuff and then allows babies to drown when their parents a fleeing oppression of the worst kind by such hateful violent humans!
He intervenes in prayer at the hospital so that your loved one recovers from a routine surgery, and then allows Pablo Escabar to blow up a plane with 170 innocents..he allows women and children to be treated like they do not matter by those who feel like they are defending him..their god.
I bet many said, "oh, thank god we were not on that plane." translates to;
"lord, thank you for saving me from destruction this time and many I say, sir, you are lovely and wonderful and lovely.."

I do not see why you have to defend your life to anyone. I always say, that live the life you want to live and believe in and do not do bad things, no harm to harm.
So if boys want to be married to boys, then so be it..
The whole thing about sharing the lav, is like harder to see clearly. I think it is ok. But I never went in the lav at school for the whole sixth grade!

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