Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hot ideas and good living

Queen of Hungary Water, cleaned up and ready to spray..delicate, cooling, refreshing and adorable..:)

It has been a lovely season in Michigan so far this summer and I see no other outcome other than life is precious and we are too and it goes on without our consent.
Look at these flowers and how stunning they are just because they are. they want to seduce us in to grabbing them and sucking in all their heady sweetness. It is close and subtle. The little white ones are tobacco flowers! Just the best smell ever. Like neroli times a thousand! Really. then again, neroli flowers are neroli times a thousand! The red ones are balsam or wild impatiens from Macedonia where my mom smuggled seeds from when we came here from Greece.
My mom, is like that, she brings seeds and gold to where she is going next! I loves  her!

I want to tell you of something new, there isn't. All the things are good and I am a making the soap daily these days..

I will be making tangerine soap  today with the nutmeg and the petitgrain and ylang ylang and mimosa..ohhh man..maybe we should have a special deal with an oil and a soap?
Let us see what we can muster up for the weekend..
Have a wonderful day..do it, don't go around being pissed about something that has nothing to do with you at all. Fix your own heart and smell the flowers. MMMMMmmmmmm
Our life is good, let us chant praise for us..yes it is.

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