Friday, July 15, 2016

July is almost over essential oil ideas and quick thoughts on this or that thang

Who cares about any of that?
me me me
It is all about me.

Things are good. I have been so busy with everyone this summer that I barely get a meditation in..hence the emotional kind of notes I have been writing. I am not up is just that in the morning sometimes, the more acute aspects of living effect my mind a certain way. i want to be loved and loved and I want everyone else to love as well. They don't always. You cannot help the way someone was could have been bad..I want  to try harder to raise good people and work with good people and step aside when I am ready. Soon..I must step aside..and that is okay. I must adjust to my aging body.
Do you think that is it? Women are really scared of being old and limp and hurting and saggy boobies? yes, oh, yes, they are! Come to Whole Foods anytime of day and you will see the transformation from regular to boobies, lips, shoes, tight thing's the way of glamour. they see it on the TV and want that look. Is it pretending though? Oye..let them be them, they want to look like that..I see Kim Kardashian hair all day. You know, the braids, yea, all day!
One girl came in yesterday, with the whole thing..the tight black dress, the high shoes the perfect legs, the perfect was like on TV. oohhhh
Do you know what I do when I go home from work? I take off..everything! I bet she does too. Man, she was perfect looking with the face and everything!
I am not gay, I do not think, but I did stare a little like, "wow" lol

My "wife" and bestie, my Tonie called me and said we should mix hydrosol with a little bit oil and spray it our face for summer. Like a drop or two in four ounces of our favorite hydro.

I am getting a little bit rose geranium  hydrosol (no one can get rose right now because there are huge minimums and who can afford 66 pounds of the stuff all at once?) for me. Four ounces,  it is not enough to make for all of us and all I have is basil hydrosol from when Jake distilled it for me. I should make a basil and tangerine soap! Yum!
I know, I should buy a little still and brew a few things from the garden. I want tomato hydrosol and cucumber hydrosol and even lavender! I want, I want!

I want nice things
clean as can be
inviting as can be
hardy as can be
I want nice nice things for you and for me

Hydro Cooler
4 ounces hydrosol
4 drops grapeseed oil or evening prim, or even sea buckthorn oil is nice
(what ever you like)

1 drop rosemary
1 drop basil
1 drop lavender
1 drop lemon
1 drop tangerine
1 drop grapefruit
1 drop petitgrain
1 drop rose geranium

Shake well and spray.

You do not have to use this blend or any essential oils at all, for that matter. I love oils and I am feeling like I want some queen thing too. Queen of Hungary water then?

Jake wants to sell his little distilling thing and I must say at this moment, I want to drive over there and pick it up and start! I want, I want!

Today I am prepping an apple cider vinegar infusion for the Queen Of Hungary water. We must have it..
Here we are in its more authentic form..the following herbs will be needed for your consideration..
You can use fresh or buy dried from Mountain rose..or your favorite vendor.
lemon balm
and many more like

stuff them all in a mason jar and fill to the brim with apple cider vinegar
wait and wait
want and want
after six weeks, you will have something you can dilute with witch hazel or hydrosol.
You can use essential oils too. I would. I break rules, baby!

Have a wonderful day and smile dammit, not everyone is as smart and beautiful as you!

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