Saturday, July 30, 2016

July is the New August

It has been a wonderful summer so far and I hope you are enjoying some time with nature and your own natural inclinations. I have been busy cleaning this place and organizing and dusting things.
I am also of a mind to make some very wonderful interesting delectable rare sort of soap and that is in the works right now. I just do not want to rush this experience of creating like I rush to buy bed linen, which I had to do. I bought linen and cotton, don't worry. I love to sleep in clean comfort. It is the best thing ever!

It is very addictive when you get in to buying mode. You want everything nice in every other area of your home. I am of a mind to paint the kitchen soon because I want a white kitchen. Right now it is a color of bland beige because when people paint a house to sell they make it so you will be able to change it. I am glad it was not dark blue or some dank color, some trendy mess that fades as fast as a tan does in January..ha hahaha

The thing I am making?
You see, I grew tobacco because my son gave me a few plants. the flowers are so lovely that I am drying them to maybe infuse them in coconut oil and some other fantastic flowers too. I feel it will be the epitome of what summer 2016 has been and I am intending this as to spread some joy for each moment and each thought. Plants do tell stories as much as any living creature on Earth. They speak of what each ray of sunshine felt like each day. The tell a song, a story, that vibrates on a level we can not see. Truth!
These particles are so small  and rare and spread as far as our Universe is expanding..
Beautiful it is! They are, you are,  and I am. We are on that wave, yo. Nothing else I can say will be bigger than that thought.

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