Tuesday, July 5, 2016

New Blends For July


Rose with Cacao Jasmine and Sandalwood

Violet & Orris Perfume

Cacao Patchouli Perfume

I am composing these in organic jojoba.
I think you will be a little bit stunned at how long they last and how wonderful they smell on you!

eleneetha aromatics

I have been thinking about how many different ways I can enjoy rose and jasmine in one day. I might be a little bit high from all the jasmine, but that only leads to more self composure and quiet observance and most of all with jasmine, you get compassion with confidence.
I say confidence because that is the most important  part of being a free woman or man.
Being able to say what is really on your mind and hopefully, it is kind words and fair treatment of all souls.
I find jasmine sometimes unbearable. Dirty. Filthy and Sexy at the same time.
It is true. Jasmine is not for everyone. I like it sometimes and with the right amount or rose or violet oils. No matter what is your favorite one, well, you get beauty and elegant graceful waves of pleasure.

Does jasmine bring back your long lost lover? Goodness, I hope not!

I am wearing cacao and patchouli of course. Of the three, that one, is so nice and mellow and I can smell it at the end of the day on me.

Enjoy your day..your sunny smelly and wonderfully happy day!

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