Tuesday, July 26, 2016

remember when they asked me to make dick soap

II did it! I made these little goddesses and these little perfect penis soaps for that shop in California.
It was was nice job. I made money and everyone was happy. It was NOT a sell out because I made like 200 dollars not 200 hundred million..
It was the olden days! :)

Now I make blocks of soap for a shop  or three and I think there should be more. It is clean work as to say, it is exactly what people are looking for on both ends. me to make a great bar of soap and them, so to speak.. to have a great bar of soap!

When you get to use a really healthy bar of soap, many things happen. You get  to experience each essential oil as it delivers fatty acids, and antioxidants to where it wants to connect to. Like terpenes man, like euginols and what not.
It is beautiful and each oil, each herb, the colors, the bar exactly as it should have been all along and is. You'll  get black from charcoal, and you'll get green but not like a clover, for gosh sake, that is when you question why we have to add more color to something in order to sell more of them. That there is selling out for real and not some made up shit about  how it is sill natural because isolates or lake colors.
Stop, some things are good because they are a complete thing, not broken and then put back together like some bad one bite foam meal. I want real food every day. You can keep the frozen one bite 100 dollars desert. I will eat cherries in a bowl and be so happy. Blueberries, OMG, just so good.

Where does that put me in this oh so fidgety business of skin care? I manage to continue to be me.. I understand more each year and still remain true to aromatherapy as an art. I know there are many many like minded humans who want the same things. I know there is enough and plenty for all of us.
The bottles in the stores are amazing and we are drawn to them because they make us feel like we have something really nice, like we are special.  It is not what you think and everything is mass produced if you already saw it in a store.
I get it. Not everyone is born with a passion to make face care or soap or natural flavors for spices and herbs.. But we should all experience something clean everyday. Like making our own food instead of opening cans or jars or the freezer door.
One does need tomato paste though. One just does. I am about to have the tomato boon (gift)from the garden this year. I have been really wanting a tomato soap not soup, okay maybe one time we have tomato soup..It is really cooling and calming, licopene is!

Look, look at the leaves and how nice they are.:) I done growed that so foar. I hope it becomes glowing with rare antioxidants so I can cut it up and eat.

It is hot, stay cool and stay true to your desires. Become right now what you are and please do not be scared of the dark. Open your eyes in the dark and find a way through it..actually, space is pretty dark and we are traveling in it. Yes we are!

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