Saturday, July 16, 2016

be careful who you hug and conventional perfume blues

You can hug someone innocently and then smell bad all day because drakar noir is on your clothes and in your nose..I told a boy one time.."no, babe, your cologne does not go with my chypre:)
"oh, what is chypre?"
He was so sweet about it and I love the way he was gracious. He wears less now and we are all happier because that toxic fake ass poison is not clouding our minds. You know me, I will tell them the truth and not feel like I hurt their feelings.
Hey man, if you get hurt feelings over perfume and take it so personally, then well, you should not even consider hugging me. Unless we are talking essential oils..Then, I am willing to come closer.

Who am I, a grand dame of scent?
I am a good blender because I can find balance in flavors. Just as I do not enjoy too much curry in food,  I also know how to make it balanced according to my tastes, which are pretty nice. :) I love all the foods and I love all the flowers too.
I can never be a prominent perfumer because one at that point must submit to using toxic and lower methods to get scent. Who needs that? No one!

I think people are also reading more about toxic effects of scent. "Poison" is actually poison and modern perfumes are not what they were years ago. There is fake everything and if you want to smell like a strawberry or a peach, go ahead, er, please no..don't do it. Yuk!

Queen of Hungary water with a twist!

Morrigan Herbal Tonic
I was reading about The Queen Of Hungary who was renowned for her beautiful skin and elegance. I mean she had money and unguents..yes she  did but her skin was very nice, they say it was. She made a concoction which is still admired and revered today. An herbal infusion with benefits.
I am growing most of the herbs that I used for Morrigan, an alternative queen's brew.
I have added essential oils and many other wonderful botanicals  not seen  in the photos.

Morrigan was my choice as queen here. I wanted someone who is a little more powerful than a woman in a throne. There must be poise and grace but also fearlessness and strength. Morrigan does not fuk around. She will slice your head off because you need to be sliced and she may  not cry, she knows all the facts and if it is war, then she is ready.
There isn't war. I am making a point because she always seems to know when bad things are coming in her myth story. I like her and aspire to be more like her. Pretty is as pretty does and strong is as strong does. I would rather be strong than someone waiting for praise for my looks. Looks fade, actions are memorable. memories of good and good talks are the way of happiness. pride is deadly. It really is. what does it mean  but a way to fail? No one is so perfect as to not make mistakes. pride keeps you from being balanced and forgiving. Shed the pride and be free from expectations..I feel like Morrigan is very much that way for me and my myths in my mind..

"oh, if you did this, now I won't love you as much"
Morrigan, with no words..
"whoosh.." (that's the sound of a sword slicing someone's head off who thinks they can make the rules of what is proper and what is not!))

I invoke your strength and power
I invoke your quiet stealth
I invoke your power to see results
I invoke your beauty in all nature
I invoke calm and cool poise
I invoke songs and garments pleasing to the eye
I invoke in me your power myth
You are my goddess amulet..a thought that becomes real bit by bit
from a seed I planted in my heart first and then as my mind molds possibilities
my hands make it real and right for me

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