Wednesday, July 13, 2016

myrrh soap with vetiver and lime

It is time to make a soap which may or may not be memorable to you. I loved it and it was fast the way is went through my shop, so, now we want more. I am gathering for that because a gal who loves soap, wants more.

It is a rhasooul based little nugget and I am very excited to have it in my shower.

distilled lime, blend))

rhassoul clay
red raspberry seeds
shea butter
organic coconut oil
cold pressed unfiltered olive oil
grape seeds grapes

" do you write down recipes or are you on the fly?"
I have not answered. That is a good question and, "no I do not write down recipes!"
You will find notes everywhere  of what is on my mind. I do it all day and make sure I gather ingredients  for a creation..not some fuking recipe! Oils change all the time. One must be prepared to adjust, of course. Lemon sometimes is not as lemony or the patchouli must be really velvety and aged right.
My girl will call me and say, "you are moving in to the firs soon?"
She always knows what is on my mind..I love the firs.
Soon we can move on to the firs and spruces I need to ponder on things and not just make stuff the same way all the time.
I think that's what makes my products so unique. I am not like anyone else you may have tried. I  stand alone and make unique soaps and stuff for those who have the same path in life. Natural skin care and peace on earth, going back to old world good stuff, and not the stuff that did not work,  and always respect and purpose.
I am not interested in modern isolates or ozone smells or whatever other weirdness less focused people thrive on. Give me the real thing or nothing. I am not that hungry to change all the time in order to please the masses who cannot remember what they put in their mouth( a penis)(hopefully)))) let alone what they will wash their hands with.
ha ha ha
Like that one?
It is a joke. :)

July is almost over and that means tomatoes from the garden and that means creating new things for fall and that means I love you all!

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