Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hot Times and I do not mean Vaginas

Oh, you can't say "vagina" on the internet? Sure you can! Look at all the porn all day on the internet. You have your subtle, your blatant and everything in between. When men do it, it is men doing it.
I do not know about you but I see a lot of six packs in pictures and none in real life. Ha hahahaaa
Obviously it is all made to sell products and nothing to do with reality. Humans are always trying to sell the lie so that as a group, if they all think it is true, even though it isn't, they can feel strong and powerful. It is a fat ass lie, none the less.
Just tell anybody you know right now how in REALITY there are no races. We are all the same species with different colored skin under our fine fur. Yes we are.
Now cultures are different thing..I know this. Still, wouldn't it be wonderful friends if we just accept the truth instead of made up stories of chosen people and fires and brimstone?
There will be fire alright, because earth will burn with the red sun in a billion or so years. It WILL happen and until then we will just continue to evolve and shape our human brain to lie to itself a little bit each day, just for the comfort of thinking we are special.
I think we are special, just as in I do know the sun is hot and makes everything we are, calcium, silicon, gold, silver, vanadium, magnesium, all of it! Made in stars for our benefit. If that is God, I am happy to be on this meat suit fest she might have prepared  for me or he..don't cop an attitude just because I said "she", who cares? I am sure God is not some dumb lies about food and survival in detail. I am positive! I am sure we are to learn and be better, not some angry, jealous, spiteful shit you carry with you all day while you justify your low behaviors. Seriously, do you not see you do that? I am sorry, because doing low, brings low. "you are who your run with."
I am so glad you run with me. I am so glad you get to spend time with me exchanging words together. I am so lucky to be friends with you
you bring me joy and happiness too
you help  make my day seem slow and easy
you say words that are just peezy weezy

I would sing that running across a field as a young girl and now, I will sing slow and easy as an old woman..I am not that old, but I do like to plan myself for future me.

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