Sunday, July 31, 2016

a letter to a young man

I love you very much

find work
be a good man
be a clean person
help yourself now
learn to read good books

don't lie to me to justify your own untruths
I can see all that as muck and vile anger ties that keep us separate and you closer to be a misogynist
please no and I know that you do know better
I understand
the world teaches you that women  have power too
we do
oh yes we do
and if I can't play you with round kicks anymore
don't worry
I have words that will blow you away
I saved them and polished them all the years I had to hold back what I wanted to say but did not out of fear of men's loathing of my opinions
oh you are capable of this too as a young man, but we have evolved to understand a little more of who we are..
This is the time you will see me for who I am..oh yea..oh me oh my..
I hope I am a warrior still and that
I have seemed to stay above the wretched lies
(I hope I have))
 the congested desires that can make us stuck
more stuck in our beliefs
may they be true or no
may they be real or fake
may they be always ready to be better
is what I say


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