Friday, July 22, 2016

Making soap is so cool

I made so many blocks of perfect soap in the last two days that I am thinking quite highly of myself right about now.
It is time to clean up the pots and pans and then I will maybe take some pictures. We will for sure have a special deal on turmeric and neem cleansing set..yes we will.

I made a lovely neem soap. You will not even know it is there. I put organic turmeric in it for grit as well as Celtic sea salt..oh, I did, I sure did! I put cold pressed olive oil from Spain, my favorite, unfiltered and I put just enough organic cold pressed coconut oil to give it just enough foam.
You can keep the colors and blue fake salt soaps, give me real things all the days!
I put organic tea tree oil and organic spearmint enough to smack you in to joy! Wow! Last, for just a little more polish for the fine ass of yours, I put diatomaceous earth. Cooling, healing, skin care. Right now.

For the mask, we will have turmeric and rhassoul clay mixed with wild honey and rose hip oil..
you clean with a scrub sometimes and life changes and you are better. Why? because, those few minutes that you are alone, you can ponder on the more, the next, the happier...I want all of that for you..

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