Monday, July 11, 2016

man shoots drone and no one died

All the unrest and violence every summer it is in the news. The fires in Cali and the friking doped up fukers in the middle east somewhere being enraged by a speed drug they actually  mass produce there and then they are driven to blowing themselves up  to prove they are better or more mad, I do not frigging know! The fuking fuks! Go read a book somewhere about math and why circles are infinite and I will guarantee that you will probably be excited in a whole new way instead of violence and vandalism.
I do not care for any human who goes on a rampage and destroys valuable things which belong to another human.
That is uncalled for but it has been happening since the raiding and steeling was installed in every explorers dream.

We can do nothing about that but look at our own world in our own home and in our own familie's disposition.

I recently met a woman who's  child by no other request was dumped off here for a quick " visit".
My boy was to hang with him but he made plans with a girl for dinner and he know the kid was safe here. He was. I was miffed with my boy for sure!
 When the child's  mother came here after a long vacation trip to get her boy she gave me a stink eye about a car seat..:)?
" I do not know about the car seat."
I almost lost it!
(this is why you learn martial arts so that you can take down bitches who are a little too full of themselves without actually hurting them )))
I kind of stood there for a second like Rick did when the guy in the prison said, "shit happens" LOL
The boy was three and played and played in my home and there were a bunch of people entertaining him where he barely wanted to be excited to see her.
He does not know her. Dude, she was on a trip with her boyfriend while he was in day care..the whole time, how much time? Who knows and I do have a point. Stay home if your mom can't help with your kid. No one else outside that should be with him. Only family! Think about it before day care, before the lady down the street. I know it is hard and you have to work now a days.
Sigh..I wonder how we get to our lives like this. I wonder where her mom is and where her dad and where her sisters, brothers..maybe her mom is not the motherly type. I know a lady whose daughter finally gave birth to a baby girl and she does not want her or have any desire to hold her. Interesting. Maybe the attachment leads to sacrifice in one's time to babysit for a daughter of son. There is always a return.

Oh, the girl who came to get her kid and the car seat thing? Who cares! She's busy making plans for the next drop off! I can not save her. She is set on her path. I hope the best things for her, really.
My idea here is that  one must contain one's self. It is hard not to say what is on your mind, but you should and it should always be respectful to the other person. I love the Libra idea of balance and offering acceptance to the other side as they  hold you steady too.
I love that I am here for all of my children just as my mother has been here and kept us together and her mother tried but the Germans killed her husband in front of her face and she lost it a little each time death was caused upon her family. Later her boy was blown up because fucking soldiers had to blow up villagers..yea, they are the problem, right! Farmers and 8 year old boys! Now you've shown them! Putas! Go sing a song, you need more lullaby and dancing and then rest.
elephant lullaby
The Elephant's Lullaby
copyright 2001 by Tom Knight

In the jungle, late at night
All the little elephants are tucked in tight
Except that one little elephant won't close her eyes
And so we sing the elephant's lullaby

All the animals under the stars
Listen for the sound wherever they are
And by the light of a jungle moon
Big Mama Elephant starts to croon
She sings go to sleep, little elephant
Go to sleep (Chorus)
Little elephants need to get their rest
To grow up big and strong
To make their ears so big and floppy
To make their trunks so long

All the elephants like to play
Hide and seek and tag all day
They slide down trees and swim in the creeks
And take a long bath every day of the week
But at the end of the day
It's time to hit the hay (Chorus)

So if your elephant has been up late
Is tired and hungry don't hesitate
Just give 'em some peanuts so they don't cry
And then sing the elephant's lullaby
It goes Go to sleep, little elephant
Go to sleep (Chorus)

I have always respected my kids enough to let them screw up a little. They need to learn from the pain of adjustment and sorrow. It is the best way to decide weather you can-hold it together or go around breaking shit for no reason. killing from fear, from exclusivity, from power and from ignorance will only lead to more efficient ways to enforce protocol.
Drones! Get ready because I do know this, I would not be a police and I hope none of my kin wants to either. Good! They can come home from a nice job and be together talking and eating and being happy instead of wanting to shoot people or being shot dead. Who needs it!
Also, what do you need a gun to go to the grocery store? Why do you think it will protect you more than a knife or rod? The market is 2 miles away and you need a gun on you somehow because you think it is the wild west and everything is a go? Sir, if you have a taser, why shoot someone right off?

"Go to sleep little elephant!" I want to say that.

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