Monday, July 4, 2016

good morning those who slept

Those who haven't? I am sorry all the bombs kept you awake...AMERIKA!! Okay, Anastasia, it is a few days every July and you smell sulfur and hear loud bangs..yes, it sucks, it is pretty but I do not care for explosions all day and night.

That said, I love it here!
It is the best place to live, believe me!
I have traveled to many places but this is my favorite. The USA is beautiful and we should make it more!
We should all speak of this land is exquisite and rich and healthy. Why not?
It is so. WE are here making this country what it is. I hope that we get smarter and smarter as we have been. Yes we not think a few losers blowing things up is going to last. No one wants the cost of rebuilding and  groups that break down buildings and kill for god or what ever it is they are so angry about, they , will be met with demise. It is the way of evolving. We accelerate each  year too. In 50 years, war may be a laughable option all over earth.
We are healthier than ever too and we live longer. did you know that?
We are prettier too because of cosmetics and skin care and dental hygiene.
More people died from their teeth than any other thing in past times.
The smarter humans get, the longer they live.
The more they move, the more they live.
The more they think about science, the more their brain can adjust to Earthly changes..without fear of God.
I mean not when some dumb fuk with a bomb is trying to kill himself for god and the guys who forced him to do it.
This god sure needs a whole lot of killing and rules and starvation for him..what a load of crap!
I was gonna not go there..I can not help it! The more I think about it, the more I wonder what kind of loving god watches his children in despair as they chant and cry and suffer and he never actually shows up..oh no, he is love and loves you. They don't even sleep for a month every year and still he makes them cover up and tells them to kill his other children?
Does he? Does he really?
"well he made you, you might as well believe."
What a load of crap!
"he made me huh?"
"Yes, god made everything."
"and there is free will"
"Nothing is free, it is not free at all as it comes with an ultimatum.."
"seems to me luv, that God  watches and takes notes for after and nothing more to show he is real or not real. Nothing at all.
 I do not know and never will and nor do you know  or any other third party with a long robe and a penis.."




I am making soap today. I will talk about that next time. :)

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