Sunday, July 17, 2016

The world and the violence and how we will finish this with words

mystic medusa

You think we are so advanced and we would never behave in such ruthless and violently cold ways to exterminate people who are not us?
Yea, no way, humans are mean and the more they linger in ignorance, the more people suffer.
I am not going to go in to why there is so much violence and religious type war but I can only say, "no more!" and it will not continue.
They burned 15 girls alive last week,  in one of those uneducated ignorant misogynistic cult countries for whatever reason. They did not want sex with them or something?
It is crazy and enough is enough. Elevate women, get some books and miraculously buildings do not get blown up!
I was not born here but the founding fathers of this place wanted to remove the church from power because they sucked then as they suck now. They can do nothing but blow smoke though their chimneys while lower clerics molest boys! yes they do and did and got caught because smart people do not like that! Ignorants did not know it was happening and yea, it did! My point is, which is more evil? A boy in Dallas getting killed by police or the truck mowing down people? No different and everyone on EARTH must change. They will. their children want to. Do you think they want to live in partially blown up houses? They do live that way. In constant repair mode.

 And really, where my friends is god now, and how he has never one time shown up to help the innocent yet the power hungry illiterates get to  go around shooting babies..good one, you fuk!
Would I be less angry if he was white and tortured his teenage boy in a backwards Baptist church in Modern New York? I would and I would say "enough!"
All churches and all masques must be monitored as a business, temples too.
Don't be alarmed, it must happen.
It is smart and will for sure make people think about the next "plan" to get revenge on the other "god"!

Okay, okay, I know you do not come here for political debates or religious debates, I know that. I am not less in awe of the universe now, than I was last year or ten years ago. Studying molecules in scent made me smarter about reality. You too?!

"Why are you listening to Newt on YouTube?"
"I was listening to him talk about Sharia law and how it should be abolished in this country and I agree with him, it should be abolished in the United States!"
You would have thought I said I was voting for Trump and in about 30 seconds, six of them pounced on me and gave all their arguments as to why that is wrong..I listened and told them to back off. Religious ignorance must be put where it belongs, in the trash. Open your eyes and think and, yea, I hate religions all of them, not yours though?
Stop carrying on as if your god is so important and also, if you come here, you must go to school and you must work. Everyone, even your sister.
I find it is so interesting that we don't have more money to fund the most important thing, schools..we do and there is a lot of it. We do.

Two things..
This is the best place to live because the church does not have a say..none of them do and guess what? that's very good. Let them hide in their secret caves trying to sell the same lame story!
The other thing..books..we have more here than any other country..In Tunisia, they may have blown them all up the last time some ass got pissed over his own anger and poverty so he blew up a village. His own, most likely.
It happens here too. In our own home towns but in a smaller scale. I wonder why that shooter killed 14 people just last night in Bakerfield from a home town drive by. not Muslim so, no news?

I must be careful because the line between racism is thin..No More Sharia..okay! We all hate it, fuk off!
You too? Maybe we should continue to talk and write and listen and learn ..thank GOD for the does show more than porn!


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