Friday, July 1, 2016

Hello July

You are quiet and lovely at the same time
you guard your ideas and your safety zone and you always come in as if you were expected
and you were..and happy birthday to you because you smiled at me when you came and said words to anoint my weary brain
and you do

you're calm and fresh
the way you speak the truth without pain
the kind of way  you carry on without haste yet complete attention
too much sometimes
you beckon me to come to you and stay a while
as the sun this time of year is always a little hotter and the particles a little warmer as they land on us

I love that way about you!

pregnant thoughts
warm push to the future
fruit and veg growing
more growth
fast push to greatness
being trimmed
I love you always
I love your fearless honesty..

that is it!

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