Sunday, July 24, 2016

look at me look here

Do not go to the news first thing, oh, you did already. Yea, me too.
Look here..right do not worry or carry on all day about tragedies that may effect you or may not effect you. Of course they might. life is about living with others, playing nicely and being content.
Not carrying on all mad and all hurt and all unforgiving. People, we're are so dumb. We are you know, we can  carry guilt  and jealousy ( a form of hate)for fuking  ever!
Some of us never forget that one slight to our  person as to hold against another forever,. and that is on a personal scale. "oh, they did this 10 years ago and now I can't ever trust them" Look in the mirror and realize nothing happens for no reason. Many times, it is our own mistakes that makes us unhappy.
Yes, we have all done it..I think I have in the past said things like that. Imagine on a large epic cult scale?
Listen, it is time to change, we must change! God is not going to make us good, he must be sitting around partying for days and then waking up from a hangover and bitching for the rest of the day and sometimes beating his wife or children..(flooding his people cuz he was pissed at them for he what  made them like, like in wars, like in slaughters, like in burning fellow humans alive)) it all happened!
He slept through the whole thing.  Is God ungrateful too?  I think I lived with a man like that for a spell. It makes sense that the more power you have the more you can hurt people..but why?

Never mind that you are a "believer" and your own personal god in your heart would never hurt you in particular and he must think those who were killed were expendable, except for me and you, right? (I fuking hope so)I think he is a jerk..never mind that..what about  right now?  What is it now? Are you gonna cry all day or pray? Pray? Pray for what? How about review the details and give answers that are transparent and logical?

The world and its strife is so sad to me. why aren't these people and yes, I will say these people, these people these people these matter their color, why are they not studying science? Why is Europe and the United states actually loosing some ground to be in agreement with evolution?
Do you believe that The USA is only second to Turkey in all its authoritarian creation God?
I find it interesting is all.
That means that all the bones that say otherwise are being rejected for a more fictitious creator who made us in a flash?
"how could something come from nothing if there is not a creator behind it?"
"it wasn't from nothing, everything took a long time to happen, there is a method Contraction, Expansion, Accretion..."
"That should prove to you God exists"
""it can be .. if that is so, I will not allow a third party to tell me who and what he is!"
"I will not abide tragic killing on any level for him"
"I will love all people and not because of their monks and priests"
In reality, it is something more, it is always something more and has nothing to do with where you came from..maybe it is about gold, as simple as that, stars make gold, we are star dust..we are all the same..on a traveling ball through time. is that not enough to make you super stoked? I am. If we are stardust and are super attracted to gold at the same time, maybe God is in the atomic force that drives back to gold? LOL, dude, I do not know!
I love all of what I am right now. I know I am worthy and I want the best for all of us. US
US now!
You and me and all of them, working, learning, being happy and not sad no matter how we want our sexual thrills or which food we want to like.
I love now, I do. My heart is so fulfilled because I am safe, I hope this for all on Earth..All, everyone. It is the only way we can survive, together.

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