Sunday, July 3, 2016

Mars is going forward again and what ever it is and has been is

Do not forget that this is your best time ever and
comfort in your work is never going to happen so get used to always having to change


nothing stays the same ever ever ever..everything is death.

What I want for my future...not the death part quite yet. :) Oh yes, I will speak of it as I am not afraid of the inevitable.

Right now, money because...
I want food for health
clean clothes
anointing oil
cooking fire
seeds for planting

everything else is  more words

You saw that I have money at the top.
Of course you need money.
"Anastasia, what are you afraid of?" We had been talking about god and why we should believe..
"I am afraid of my gas bill or my water bill, not a divine being who can save me after I am dead"
He pondered on my words..
"I am always weary of the water bill too!"

See, it is always about survival and how we can, each day, make it and continue to thrive. Otherwise, no money, no soap, no clean clothes, no friends who respect you enough because you are poor after goes further..
No good food that you can pick freely and without fear you can't pay for it.
You want a book to read? No way. The library is too far away.

Those are few reasons why money.
I will not go in to the whole rest of my list of what I want.
There are two main secrets to my list I will not thin too much as to write them down. One must keep a few things to one's self or otherwise weaken the intentions.

Mars was retrograde for what a month or so? Yea, it was intense. many things broke down for some and others have been elevated in a smallish way and not without struggle.
It is time to put down the ax and help each other and cry for someone who is having loss. You love them, they need you right now.
You need to always remember that the words you say every day make you what you are, make for the memories you have shared.                                  
 Do not waste a moment on lesser ideas, and do not waste your vagina or penis on swine..ha ha ha ha ha

You may remember kisses and poems or you may remember being thrown in "ossoto gari" or you may remember being in a drug house for most of your youth..choose what you will remember next year, right now.

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