Thursday, July 14, 2016

body images and sex shamers

I get it. We all have our secrets, our little addictions and our big mistakes that get over run by our thoughts to become habitual and automatic.
It is easy, you just walk around all day getting more and more mad at anyone who looks at you funny.
Sometimes though, big things happen. In a group or team the big things are always small, however,  because the group is big, you get hearsay and creepy gossip.
Maybe humans are naturally insidious and need to fight the urges to be cruel or try to squash the urges which drive us in groups to single out one or two humans in order to escape their own lies or their own insidious nature and secret hates.
I like to talk about good things mostly, however again, do not take my happy kindness for stupidity now, I can see it all and your secrets mean nothing to me and I hope you get to do all the things you want to do. I feel like we should all respect each other like that instead of talking shit about each other all day and making it so it is bigger than it is in order to hide our own secret pain and disdain for our choices.
I think in that way I can see how humans can group together and talk lies about someone.
It is easy to do. I always used to say, "soap is a dirty business". In the early days, some of those chicks were crazy protective about their secret soap plans!
You get mad about something and the first thing you do is compare your good to their bad..right??
Fuking humans!
ha ha ha

Look how fashion drives ludicrous clothing and how comments on line are very mean and trollish..yes, the have a word for what is is."troll" with  opinions and hearsay and insidious nature all combined to hurt another person who did nothing to you!

Really? It hurts my heart, yes, but I see it coming in a big dark cloud and it is scary and loud and do not forget passes quickly over only to leave debris and broken things, like a persons feelings, their heart, when all they did is love you and care for your future goodness.
I hope they did.
Karma is a weird thing. Each action, each thought, each word, each lie, creates a wave and it continues  until it thins out and then it happens again. I am making good waves as much as I can. I will honor myself always and not shame someone because they like sex a certain way, or too much, or with too many people, or they are too fat or they drink too much wine or smoke too much pot..
I will not hurt anyone who wears funny clothing and I will always smile and say, I am sorry when need be. I will not say I am sorry when you make of fool of me, I will be hurt and I will cry that you treated our love so thinly. I am okay, I can take it. I have had my heart broken before..but what about some others?

This is not about me. I am old enough to take it. How about all the other younger and less evolved humans? How about "belly fat" and garcinia cambogia?  Why is it so important? Does it mask a dirty secret, a dirty diet, with dirty words strewn about in order comfort one's insidious mind?  What, am I, a philosopher now?
Is Trump  going to be president?

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