Friday, August 17, 2012

cucumber lemon balm soap

I think this may be one of the last big ones from this vine but then again I could be wrong.
We have been eating these every day for a couple of weeks now and I am thinking to save this one for soap.
It would represent a glorious summer here at Anastasia'a House.

wonderful language and art being here
delicious food being here
amazing essential oils
and soap being here

I would blend the skin with lemon balm in the Vita Mix to make a smooth syrup, then I would add my oils.
It has to be tart but I will be adding a tad lemon grass. You may not be a fan, I know I have my moments of liking and then not so much with lemon grass. They go together here. I promise it'll be interesting.

Happiness is a New Moon in Leo:)
clean your home and make it nice. you never know who will stop by:)

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