Tuesday, August 21, 2012

today's spread

Ok ok, you said what is on your mind and now you feel like there is no love and no forgiveness and and now perhaps you should look deeply within yourself and decide where your strength lies and nurture that, Listen, if you don't know, you don't know..it's fine, but say to yourself,  "I know, deep inside how things should be and how they at this moment, they aren't and how sad and lonely that feeling is". It hurts because it wasn't good to begin with? You became stagnant and lazy perhaps? Waiting for that big thing to happen and it  seems the whole time you have no control over it to begin with?
Plus with the Magician, here it means you have amazing smarts and skill to pull anything off.
Through your work and you may be forgetting something.
The thing you work at that you love..the very vibrant goddess with the queen of wands..one of most favorite cards in Tarot.
She is poised and smells good of course. Nothing is so bad that she can't handle it. She says what is on her mind in such a way that you know she isn't judgmental or rude..
remember her? She is us right  now.
We see all sorts of events around us and we know what we are manifesting..forget all that sad stuff and your stressed out unshakable lover..(there is always one like that)..
The best thing is that  6 of cups at the end .. do some yoga, eat something good with a loved one, be innocent and young at heart:) everything is rosy and our hearts (cayenne) pump vibrantly with choice trejectories..

" I am at all times confident of my beauty and of being loved"

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