Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Aug 26 2012=21=3

not a bad number especially after a weirdly charged weekend.
Love your family and always be supportive but not emo because those times are gone for now.
3s are also the third house, Gemini, short trips here and there perhaps a visit to a new market and having met new people there who will have been fun conversations.
At work someone may  be trying too must speak your mind in an intelligent thoughtful way
anyone with Scorpio, keep it together
do what you should and pay attention to your own actions..more so now than ever and during the next few months! If you cheat or become greedy, people will know. Generosity and forgiveness brings more anyhow.
This area of aspects puts us at some sort of   catapult; a device used to throw or hurl a projectile a great distance without the aid of explosive devices ...and it is the one we have built with our thoughts and behaviors..I know it may be a bit overly dramatic in its description:)
hey man, what do you want from me a friking literary work of art?
I am soap maker for gosh sakes!
And your body is's 50 trillion cells have to be fed somehow...think clearly don't be scared and be careful with your words around strangers.

go to if your'd like to read more about the Uranus Pluto square which she calls the zap zone..

I went to the farmer's market myself on Saturday..I met a soaper there. he is talented and no, I do not remember the name of his soap. They were perfectly gorgeous and his wooden displays rocked!  I thought to compare myself to that and once again became in touch with who I am, an amazing spiritual woman who doesn't just make art... not even,  art+scent, but I do what I want and that is is why I love  soapmking and my abilities to blend amazing scent for you with some proper fats if you don't mind.
That guy was an artist and his soap reflected a wide array of scent.. He must go to those events all the time so has a nice get to see other peoples labels. Like the black elderberry syrup gal..too much sugar though, I moved on. The beeswax girl knew nothing of her product because her uncle is the beekeeper and nowhere  to be seen. I moved on again and bought some poppy seed garlic baguette( now that was so good) and ate the whole thing on the way home..chunk after greasy chunk!
My best thing was that I met a girl who works and a health hut called The Tree House, a weird vegan sit down joint (no pun intended)with herbs and something you would see in the 70's with out the drugs:)
She's like, "oh you know us?"
She smiled and offered me a vegan lemon tart( omg good) and I bought a lapis little stone thingy with a sweet owl perched on it. To me that is good find some cute sweet thing among  some other jagged minerals:)
"yes, I been a few times"
have a wonderful calm day

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