Monday, August 13, 2012

resolving the past

As I am telling you this, I can hear geese right over my house moving..They quack as they pass. I don't know where they are flying south to, but I know the season is changing.
Hints of chill in the air and new sounds from nature. The crickets right now making music for one another, the balsam seeds popping open in your hand..all resolve the past. Their future too really.
Balsam Seed Pods
Squeeze them and they pop open in your hand and release their seeds..pop!

You can't really completely shed your past though.
I mean how can you shed years of results of your personal choices?

You can walk away and try something else. Remember why you did what you did and now you can adjust and do what you want to do.
I mean if you're residing with a control freak, an emotional freak or drug addict in a rage..walk away.
You are not a marter, that was the olden days. Your  suffering or sacrifices aren't going to change the world.
(now there is one Jesus myth I could argue for hours about..I won't:):)

You are
have enough
have enough
loved up
perfection in your achievements 
your words, your works, come through as music to everyone's perceptions

fehu,  said with one complete breath in for 4, out for 4 seconds that is

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