Tuesday, August 14, 2012

a big woman

I am not petite
never have been really
big boned like a Greek woman
I don't want to say ogre
or even giantish

Greek women have thick torsos and after all the martial arts and weight lifting in between aerobics, I would say my fat cells have been kept to a moderate level..I am still not 120 pounds though!
I am Sag rising and we are active. need to be moving and stuff:) dang man, no wonder I am attracted to horse type people!

Take yesterday, I was told to re-set..in retail that means put up a new display at the end of each isle..
This little job took most of the day because it was the very bottom shelf system. so I sat down, then a person came ( they love me), I got back up, two hours of this, then I went and had a snack and it all started again..up and down, up and down..I used my "stellar" yoga moves..(not really stellar except in how I feel when I do them) to get back up. I can't just jump off the floor like I used to.
That there is physical work and the bigger you are the harder it is to get up..I bet it isn't as hard for that sweet petite girl in produce..just saying,
how interesting our lives are...

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