Thursday, August 23, 2012

good business

I do good business with many different kinds of people.
Take  the lovely Lilly, who adores lavender anything. I always take her a special argan and shea cream with lavender when she buys herself lavender soap every month. She is a babe! *80 years old and still working in the modern setting. You see her husband when he died, left her with more bills that she could manage so she still works to pay for the business of running her life... and she still loves lavender anything.
I will see her later and she will be so happy to see me. That is just how it is with my soap customers, they adore me!
 I mean months will go by and  they will  write me and say hello and buy a few bars of soap or a cream or two..
Or should I say, they adore my fat creations...not with a" p" fat, but with my two new jojoba
and organic argan oil..

Argan and Shea Cream
80% shea butter
20% argan oil (organic)
about 7% lavender oil (og high altitude)

Processing shea butter is an art and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
I make creams in very mall batches and everything must be well prepped and clean at every start.
each ingredient must be gathered and placed in order of the pouring sequence.

***Temper the shea butter as you would cacao butter, low, slow and cool
fold in argan add essential oils until fluffy but firm..too much air in shea butter makes it flop eventually.. you can avoid this by not over beating the shea butter. I have flopped myself a few times..he he

have a wonderful day))))

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