Friday, August 31, 2012

Gemini and the meaning of detached

Gemini can be really aloof. And not in a hateful way. Although they do get right to the point and not so gently either I must say..they really allow themselves the full confidence to speak their minds. You think they are cold but really  they are like Iceland, cold on the outside and deep inside, volcanoes!  That would mean they have Scorpio somewhere in their chart they can remember full conversations from three years ago or 30, they remember....
Gemini, they do a good job but their "buddy" thing gets me riled..BUDDY, really?
That is when you say, "seriously, we have been here at your place for 30 days, eating, talking, planning and now we're buddies?"
That is what I would say, because Libras can and do, most times, speak their minds.
Libra is more selective is all. That is why some fearful religious types get offended by Libra. We are ten feet above you and see more. That is just the way it is! We don't really accept having read The Bagavad Gita or The Bible 100 times as evidence of God Union.
Ten feet high dudes! A Good Heart Is A Good Heart!
How are you? Good I hope. I am good too..I love my blog, I love astrology and I love you:)

adzuki clorella facial (((((free sample with each order)))))

2 tbs finely ground adzuki (organic)
1 tbs clorella powder
1 tbs olive leaf powder (organic)
2 tbs ground quinoa
2 tbs fullers earth or diatomacious earth
evening primrose oil (cold pressed)

This is an awesome facial because it is gentle, completely cleansing and eatable! Not that you would, but if you did, it would be ok and actually healthy. Evening primrose oil is an excellent tonic for acne, hormone imbalance and banishing bad moods. I'm excited cuz that does sound really good!

Go buy yourself some evening primrose oil caps. The components of evening primrose, like GLA are awesome for repairing cells and redusing inflammation and become an excellent treatment for itchy, dry angry skin..
Barleans makes a good one as well as Jarrow and The Whole Foods Brand..all of these are cold pressed..I am using the Barleans for the facial and consumption.
Try really makes a difference in your hair too. More shine and bounce!

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