Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mercury Went Direct

and it is still not must not fight or squabble but carry on in your mind..
sift through all that stuff you tried to ponder on for the last few days and wait a few more to make sure your desires and reality have the best possible results.
"I am willing to change so that..."

I have these amazing ideas when Merc is retro too! Someone even inspired me to think about getting a few massage clients sounds good, 60 bucks an hour, believe me it adds up if you're good. I am good!
Well, let me think now the day after Mercury is direct..
I quit  massage for many reasons. One biggy was that I didn't like working on "every" body and the other is that I got super bored as a result of not getting attached to my clients otherwise I would get shaky and tired from their energy..see?
Plus there were The Peruvians!
A very wealthy couple which  I would suspect were into the kinky side to massage and wanted me there as a preliminary to their night of passionate love making..eeouww:)
That was it!
And it wasn't so much Mrs. Peruvian, it was him..he just creeped me out..I don't want to see every penis, right?
I am like, "listen, I am not a whore, I don't do that now bark like a dog!"
ha ha ha
Mercury's  better by 22nd.