Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Pizzazz of Leo

They don't even have to try, they walk in a room and all of a sudden every body loves them.
It is wonderful with flirting style and presentation..
going by the seat of your pants, if you will..

How will you channel Leo in your life?
Take a look where Leo is highlighting in your chart.
I have Leo on my 8th house so I can take advantage of this hot vibe and gain something..material..remember the past dies and it hurts like a dirty bitch...that is also the 8th house..if it isn't you, it is someone else going through heartbreaking pain and loss.
You want to go back so bad and fix things, all the while knowing you would have if you could have...
sigh about the 8th house
Besides all that..the 8th is always more money, better skills in trading and understanding the mathematics of perfect merchant skills..

Look at where Leo is in you chart and express yourself with flair in an area of your life. Wearing something nice, cutting your hair or making your place tidy and clean.. Leo loves that..they can easily adjust to any situation with perfect ease.

Say you have Mercury in Leo in your third house of communication, short studies, learning, talking,
I would conclude it would be instinctive at this moment to present yourself easily conveying  ideas in a informative and direct manner. There would be more confidence in one's demeanor and speech..
pretty cool right? A little roar? Fun dancing, singing,  laughing.

So you can see how this New Moon  have given us a little boost, right?

The best thing about this exciting New moon is  Mercury in Leo )))fun(((

 Mars is about to go in Scorpio..That is a real good thing.
There is going to be a clean up of sorts but you can handle  about anything. I want to study that aspect a little before I even say too much. It will be pretty Power Full  Mars/ Saturn In Scorpio sextile to Pluto in Capricorn!
I have to read more about this for sure!
But all I am saying is every moment of you life has brought you to this, you cannot escape it you made it is is glorious you doing all the right things and doing well, you forgive and you accept kindness from loved ones..

"I never got a B and I never will"
Dr Temperance Brennan, Bones..
( Emily Dechanel,  Libra girl who plays the cold thing like a true Libran)

"I get my point across with flair"

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