Thursday, August 30, 2012

The number 4 Lord Of Completion

"from completion comes renewal"

It sounds great right? Well, along this period of time of renewal, you have had to feel all the adjustments. And let some big things go along the way. And yes it may be because of the things you said that some don't forget.
People remember shit you said. I know I do. Question being, how come you are so addicted to that  person's opinion?
How come this "love" had you under his her thumb and now you still crave the small percentage of  "good times" together?
 You know, all the reasons why you remained under that thumb.
They must of been good for you not to say what was really on your mind.
Love is weird. Not always wonderful right!
The intense astro aspects are about to complete a trend.. It would be wise to  face the music or face the broken record might be a better thought. :)

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