Monday, August 6, 2012

new ideas and as Mystic Medusa says;

Waiting for Mercury.. (love)
I am waiting for mercury to go direct..I want to buy a printer with the best possible aspects..that may mean waiting till August 22nd and I must say, that is too long..
Why should  we care that mercury is retrograde?
Well for one thing, there is always and I mean every time, more money spent for no reason!
Take yesterday for instance. I am driving home and notice an estate sale in a very posh neighborhood. As I'm always looking for something interesting in which to display my wares I went in.
I bought some trinkets! A hair piece which is too heavy and gives me a head ache to wear it and three bangles of gold and turquoise. Mind you, they didn't cost much, but still.
I put one of the bracelets on and I don't know how I did it but it would not come off.  I had to cut it with wire cutters!
ha ha ha ha
I am waiting for Mercury to go direct before buying a printer. But make soap I will! That is always good time spent!
Have a wonderful day, because you are wonderful!

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