Thursday, August 16, 2012

Saturn feelings

Things are about to get real. I know it. Maybe it is just me.
Saturn is watching over me

Anyone with Scorpio planets is going to be reflected. How about Aquarius?
yes, you too.
Learn to forgive and accept your evolving cells.
Each one sparking with energy.
If you have Libra planets..I would say, bear in mind the events of the day
and learn to forgive
and not hold a grudge
and if you burn too many bridges, you'll always be on the other side with no way back
Saturn in Scorpio make Gemini more discerning and they are getting it done and doing grandly
some may be lingering to long on some sad things..let that be..walk giving energy to just any stray
That is Saturn in Scorpio doing its thing.
Cancer, Virgo, you'll be alright.
Resting is fine but get on a bike??
:), you can really show you are amazing! of course you are:) look so good and you smell so fine
Sagittarius and Aries, wow!  What adventures you are about to embark on. you will succeed, that is how you are. make good and comfy like you always do.
Taurus,  I love you so much, you are growing , taking the world by it's horns. I love that you can smell the flowers and pluck them with such ease:)
My Pisces, my Capricorn, I love you so much. You are my sisters in the sun. You tell me the truth and you make me laugh hard..sometimes you even make me fart!
( not really)

My wish for you ~

"Little tree, little tree, shake over me, that silver and gold may come down and cover me."
(Cinderella, Grimm's fairy tales)

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