Sunday, August 19, 2012

attraction potion

this guy  comes in and says he needs a boost as far as sex chemicals are concerened. I said working three jobs would make someone tired and he should take wheat grass juice for energy. I also made him an attraction potion to set the pheremones a brewin'!

ambergris tincture
rose tincture (captivation)
spruce for him

While blending I could feel it, and you know, it creates a whole vibe around here....

I am giving it to him to bring out his animal side...
No he is not for me:)
(if that is what you are thinking)
They come to me with all sorts of sittuations, they love me so much.

Wheat grass juice for health and vitality is the best way to refresh your cells. Adding other super fruit powders like Acai would add more nutrition than you could ever get in a vitamin pill.

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