Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday August 25 2012

equaled to 8
became a day of reckoning
and submitting
and realizing
and learning more( again) about the pain of being human

That Pluto Power phase is well under way. It has been all year but now it is full on and the more you struggle and not accept the truth, the more you will struggle and not succeed in your endeavors..
Pluto doesn't mess around. You have to face the darkness and clear the air..bad habits must be controlled.
If you have a thought and you justify it even though the truth is smacking you right in your face...well all I am saying is you will have sleepless nights and worrisome days!
Why worry?
Now there is the 50 trillion dollar question!
I say 50 trillion because that is how many cells are in each of us!
It is fascinating really. Each cell within is own little micro orbit around its nucleus..its own agenda if you will.
here is a nice lecture about our brains

If you took the time to listen to this, you may note that all of these discoveries mesh with self realization.

"I am an energy being connected to the energy all around me"

We can decide how we feel, and how we create each present moment, right!

Things which will help you to be happy not sad:
a beautiful garden
mountains and sea
beautiful look out
quiet words which soothe
a good cuppa
a beautiful song by from an awesome loving friend far away
a blend of oils which takes you to bliss
everything is fine

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