Thursday, August 2, 2012

the soap shop

people say to me, "yea, I'd like to come over and see your set up."
I use 5 stainless steel bowls and various molds. Not wood at the moment because I do not like the cumulative result of the fat sticking around for a year on a piece of wood. It will go stale..
The set up, is actually a lot of cleaning and wiping of bowls, stirring devises and  carefully wrapped blocks of soap in clean paper bags. I do not want too much blending of scents at the very least not to be touching each other.
It creates a sphere  of scent around my place  as one might imagine. This is the reason why no one can smoke near the soap shop or go in there after smoking ciggs..
I had to lock the shop door last night. The young'uns want to go in the shop and hang out. It smells nice, they can burn incense and talk about life and ponder on their futures..they are so cute!
Well, last night, this gal walks in and I was in the other room but still said, "hey:)"
she says to me, she says, "hi hon!!)
(  what??)
ok, ok, now I remember this girl, artist, smart, smokes and stayed here all night last month...
After five minutes, I went out there to see who speaks to me in such a comfy tone..heh!
There were three of them, I could smell  tobacco on them and I'd say that they were ready to make themselves comfortable and hang out the for the night..
My heart rate went up..I didn't even yell:)
"You guys can't hang out in my soap soap and there is no smoking any where near the soap!"

I am the master of my domain:):)

The new oils came, red mandarin so freaking fine and the patchouli, all I am saying is deep, very dark, a little sweet and very smooth on the nose..
mugwort essential oil to make a spell
and some cyrpus oil to polish my intentions
clear my mind and ignite my mad skills

this soap had patchouli in it:)

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