Monday, August 20, 2012

you are gonna have to choose when Saturn is in Scorpio

You are gonna have to be noble and pay for your deeds when Saturn's in Scorpio.
Or not, which is always the easy way out of something tragic..which by the way isn't, it is just looks tragic because it has been a secret for too long and for no good reason..
We all have our secrets I reckon, but too many may lead to dirty little lies, even to one's self.
Clear the air and start a fresh new happy outlook I say. Do what makes you happy and take some Scorpio precision with you when this aspect is over in three years..
If you are my age you can now remember thirty years, what type of events passed at that time and then look at right now and notice that it is almost the same. You are changing, but at a higher octave..

what do I know about it, I am a soapmaker, a fine oils taker and creator and lover of fats and their chemicals and red type fruits and their juice...and the ideas that flow...they are profuse like Indian Paintbrush flowers:)
They are the red ones above...
with Indian paintbrush essence
quietly planning a takeover..nuck nuck nuck :)

have a wonderful day

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