Saturday, March 23, 2013

two new oils to work with

I am fortunate to present to you, the beautiful Austrian Pine and of course  Templin Fir Cone from Austria, which has delighted me before.
It must be the air over there in the Austrian Alps:) ...  because this is not your ordinary piney distillation.
Can I say creamy piney? Like you are just enveloped in creamy comfort. Woodsy to the extreme both oils are! And the templin fir cone really seems to give a church feeling to me..maybe the mental picture of a temple because of the word:)
They both smell resinous and super smooth I can tell you. I will for sure anoint this blend with frankincense and maybe a drop or two myrrh today, it'll be amazing!

I would like to make this soap very intense as a cleanser which is why I'll add a whole heaping dose of black walnut powder. You all loved that last soap I had made with black walnut powder, remember?
I have people writing me back after they were done with that bar telling me how much they enjoyed it.
I had taken great care to melt chunks of resin which I used in the final step to bind my creation together..
I will do that again this time but with myrrh resin and also copal resin.. a sort of fusion soap, because copal is generally connected with The Southern Hemisphere of earth:) and pines and spruce, Northern.

Ok ok
here is the plan so far:

Piney Fusion Soap
Templin fir
Austrian pine
Black Spruce
frankincense co2 wild
frankincense select wild

 melted copal resin
copal absolute
melted myrrh
melted mastic

black walnut powder until it turns black:)
let us now wait to see what will be brought to us..shreem to soap!

During the last three four weeks I have been working with labdanum and, that distilled lime is nice right??
Labdanum Lime will stay as one of my top soap bars from now on because she strokes you as if your are her's, she is easy and refreshing and even brings you a little vision of you, feeling happy and so right!

thank you, love,

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