Tuesday, March 5, 2013

mercury retrograde 2013 no#1

all water
digging in deeply
showing our fears on our sleeves
on our cheeks and in our eyes
bitterness flows in through the liver and comes out of the mouth
in bitter words
no, think twice and don't repeat too much about it
be awed by them and choose words of a kinder nature
sweetness plants seeds which explode into radiant doings

the truth prevails and it doesn't lie..it just may hurt like a dirty bitch
a draconian queen
and perhaps an angel being pecked by ones who believe themselves more profound, more high on a ledge
Does God see them better?
Are they more secure on their pedestal?
Not by a long shot and once a clear understanding of the truth, that gods particles are small
smaller still
and they are also linear
and reach out like a disk in space
we know where we are
right here right now


money flows out
paying this and paying that
and paying him and her
giving with our hearts open
giving to our needs generously
money flows out
and I am the hanged man waiting knowing with patience and poise

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